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  • Product Name: LWJ-801H
  • Product Numbers: LWJ-801H
  • Time on shelves: 2018-08-29
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Product Description



  • All-copper DC motor, more powerful, longer lifespan and low-noise working
  • Safety lock design that machine will not operate if it isn't locked well.
  • Excellent plastic panel design with the stainless steel frame.
  • The knob switch has 2 levels, turn right for REV, and turn right for STA
  • Air outlet design, benefit for motor heat dissipation.
  • Auger, rotating brush and filter are three in one system, for easiest mounting and cleaning
  • Juice spout with new design smart cap- Used to create mixed juice and help with quick rinsing.
  • Anti-slip silicon feet


Product Information

Length 21.8cm
Width 17.5cm
Height When Assemblem 43cm
Weight 4.4Kg

Package Detail

N.W. 17.2Kgs
G.W. 18.5Kgs
Qty 4Pcs
Gift box sizs 320*300*345mm
Carton size 700*330*615mm
20GP 900Pcs
40GP 1800Pcs
40HQ 2000Pcs

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